What interstate improvements will be made?

  1. Expanding I-265 (Gene Snyder Freeway) from four lanes to six lanes from the I-71 interchange to Taylorsville Road
  2. Expanding I-71 from four lanes to six lanes from I-265 to Kentucky 329 in Oldham County
  3. Adding a collector-distributor lane on I-71 South at the I-265 interchange
  4. Rebuilding the I-265/I-64 interchange

Why is the work necessary?

The work is necessary to ensure sufficient interstate capacity for both motorists and freight to travel safely well into the future. Combining these interstate improvements into a single project will save money and time, keep traffic flowing for Kentucky residents and businesses, and allow better coordination during construction to minimize impacts on travelers.

What are the primary benefits of this project?

The project will reduce congestion, increase safety and provide greater mobility that will fuel economic development and improve quality of life in the Greater Louisville region and throughout the Commonwealth. The corridor connects Kentucky’s economic hub to Northern Kentucky, Central Kentucky, Southern Indiana and other regions to support commerce.

By combining separate transportation projects into one, KYTC will save dollars and time. The bundled project approach reduces construction timeframe by many years over the traditional, one-piece-at-a-time approach.

Is this a significant project for the Commonwealth?

Yes, this the largest interstate improvement project since the Ohio River Bridges Project. It’s a $180 million investment that will add capacity and improve safety along Interstate 265 (Gene Snyder Freeway), Interstate 71 and Interstate 64.

Each of these interstate improvements rank high in SHIFT (Strategic Highway Investment Formula for Tomorrow), which means the project will be addressing high priority transportation projects in the Commonwealth.

What are the key deliverables for each of the four elements of the project?

  1. Expanding I-265 from four lanes to six lanes: Relieve congestion on I-265 between KY 155 (Taylorsville Rd.) and I-71 by adding one lane of traffic in each direction.
  2. Expanding I-71 to six lanes from I-265 to Kentucky 329: Relieve congestion along I-71 between I-265 and Kentucky 329 in Oldham County by adding one lane in each direction.
  3. Modifications to I-265/I-71 Interchange: Adding a collector-distributor lane to I-71 South to improve ramp movements to and from I-265.
  4. Rebuilding the I-265/I-64 Interchange: Improvements for I-64/I-265 interchange, including areas from Blankenbaker Parkway to the Gene Snyder Freeway and on the Snyder from Pope Lick Road to U.S. 60 interchange.

How long will the project take to complete?

The entire project is estimated to be completed in 4 years. Elements of the project will be completed along the way.

What is a design-build project?

Design-build projects give flexibility to the engineering and construction community to develop approaches that typically maximize efficiency and speed construction. The owner, in this case KYTC, sets out the basic requirements of the project and teams compete to present the best solution for those requirements.

What is a best value project?

Best value encourages contractors to find ways to do more work for taxpayers with the dollars they save in project efficiency. KYTC will identify smaller transportation needs in the areas near the project and give higher scores to teams that include additional work in their proposal. These are needed projects in the area that contractors may be able to efficiently tackle as part of this project and create more value for Kentucky taxpayers.

What is happening now?

Currently, crews are working on all parts of the project. There is blasting on I-71 to make room for the additional lanes. Crews are also working on expanding the Gene Snyder north of Westport Road. Crews are working on reconfiguring the I-64/I-265 interchange to remove 2 cloverleaf ramps and replace them with flyover ramps.

When will construction begin?

Construction has begun and the entire project will be complete in the fall of 2024.

What construction has been completed so far?

The I-265/I-71 interchange was completed in 2021. Crews have made a lot of progress expanding the Gene Snyder to six lanes from Taylorsville Road to Westport Road with the section between Taylorsville Road and the interchange complete. They have also completed the flyover bridge at I-64 at the I-64/I-265 interchange which will allow them to complete the flyover ramp.

What else needs to be done for this project to wrap up?

Crews will finish up blasting on I-71 South soon which will allow them to begin paving the new southbound lane. Crews will continue expanding I-265 between Westport Road and I-71. At the I-64/I-265 interchange, they’ve finished the mechanically stabilized earth wall and are preparing to set the beams for the final bridge. This will allow continued work on the ramp for I-265 North to I-64 West. Drivers will start to see some of the new flyover ramps taking shape as the project nears completion.